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Trainings data from Marcel van Drunen’s SupermotoSchool in 2018

From this season the Supermotorschool of  mutil Dutch champion Marcel van Drunen can be found on 2 new circuits, namely: the Raceway circuit in Venray and the Midland Circuit Lelystad !!! The dates of the Supermoto and Motorcross course days in the new season are also known. Don’t miss it and quickly reserve a place for you and your friends!


Raceway Circuit Venray

“The most beautiful asphalt track I’ve ever driven,” said Marcel van Drunen when he stepped off the engine. That says enough!

Since 2009, the beautiful race track ‘Raceway Venray’ is located in Venray. This spectacular circuit consists of an 880 m long and 15 m wide oval combined with a winding kart track in the middle area. The circuit is also located in an impressive stadium with high stands. The ideal location for Supermoto and exclusively opened for the Supermotorschool!

We are very enthusiastic about this new circuit. The circuit is spacious with new asphalt. That means a lot of grip on the road. Because of the wide lane you have a good overview. This way you do not get in each other’s way and it is safer driving. And that also makes the circuit ideal for starting motorcyclists. Because of the combination between the broad oval and the curvy middle area, we can easily do various exercises. This makes the circuit extremely suitable for lifting slide.

In short: This circuit is perfect for the Supermoto courses of the Supermotorschool.

Luchtfoto Raceway Circuit  Luchtfoto Midland Circuit

Midland Circuit Lelystad

The Midland Circuit in Lelystad is well known in the Supermoto world. There have been races for years. Supermotorschool is already regularly there for courses and free training.

It is a very pleasant track to drive on. Just like the Raceway Circuit in Venray, it is an oval track, with a go-kart track in the middle area that is perfect for Supermoto. Super nice!

It is a very nice racetrack. It has good asphalt which has been renewed a few years ago. As a result, the sharpness is still on the asphalt. There are good turn-around curves, slide curves, but also technical aspects that follow each other quickly. There is everything! This makes it a very pleasant race track for our Supermoto courses.



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