Thomas Chareyre wins the 31st Ladbrokes Superbiker in Mettet

Last weekend the 31st edition of the Ladbrokes Superbiker Mettet was held at the legendary road racetrack in the city if Mettet, South Belgium. With more than 300 Supermoto riders at the start it was again a great event with lots of action and epic races during the weekend.

After the qualification and last chance races on Saturday, 96 riders were qualified for the semi-finals on the race day of Sunday. In the semi-finals only 18 riders per race qualified themselves directly for the Ladbrokes Superbiker final in the afternoon. In a field of Prestige, Supermoto and Starbikers all riders were focussed on the victory, to get the best spot in the starting grid in the final.

The first semi-final in Mettet on Sunday was won by Husqvarna MH Racing rider Markus Class with a lead of 14:845 seconds on second rider, Danish Husqvarna rider Simon Vilhelmsen. Vilhelmsen had a great race coming from a top ten position at the start. The top three was completed by English Husqvarna rider Davey Todd, followed by Swiss rider Patrick Tellenbach and German rider Markus Volz. The second semi-final on Sunday afternoon was won by TM Factory Racing rider Thomas Chareyre after a close battle with Hollbacher Racing rider Lukas Hollbacher who finished in second place. Third position was for SWM BRT rider Edgardo Borella followed by Alexis Marie-Luce and Kevin Tschuemperlin.

At the end of the day, 44 riders were ready for the final of the Ladbrokes Superbiker 2017. After the presentation to the public and warm-up laps it was time for the legendary race in South Belgium again. At the start it was Markus Class who took the hole shot into the first fast corner in Mettet. In second position it was Lukas Hollbacher followed by Thomas Chareyre. These three riders started a epic battle which lasted until a few laps before the end far away from the other riders. Lap after lap Markus Class lead the top three only a few meters in front of Lukas Hollbacher and Thomas Chareyre. In every corner of the race track, Hollbacher and Chareyre tried to overtake Class but the fast German managed to keep the speed high and the gaps closes giving the others no chance to overtake him. With a few laps to go Lukas Hollbacher and the World and European champion Thomas Chareyre started to push harder forcing Markus Class into an mistake at the back of the track. Thomas Chareyre took over the first position when he passed both Husqvarna riders in one go. Lukas Hollbacher also passed Markus Class leaving the German in third position. The battle for the victory wasn’t over as Hollbacher and Class closed in again on Thomas Chareyre but the Frenchman didn’t make any mistakes and took again the victory at the Ladbrokes Superbiker in front of Lukas Hollbacher and Markus Class. Behind the top three it was SWM BRT rider Edgardo Borella who took fourth place before LSP rider Chris Hodgson in fifth. Sixth place was for German rider Markus Volz and the top seven was completed by LUC1 Motorsport rider Sylvain Bidart who had to start from the back of the field after having a mechanical problem with his bike in the semi-finals. Dutch rider Ruurd van Roozendaal also made it to the final and the 2017 S2 champion managed to get an 32rd place overall.

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Final Ladbrokes Superbiker 2017

  1. Thomas Chareyre
  2. Lukas Hollbacher
  3. Markus Class
  4. Edgardo Borella
  5. Chris Hodgson
  6. Markus Volz
  7. Sylvain Bidart
  8. Davey Todd
  9. Alexis Marie-Luce
  10. Patrick Tellenbach

Photo: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics

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