Thomas Chareyre wins S1GP of Spain in Jerez

TM Factory rider Thomas Chareyre has won the first S1GP World championship round at Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. With wins in both races he was unbeatable for the other riders. The first race started under sunny conditions in Jerez. At the start of the first race it was Lukas Höllbacher with a good start side by side with Chareyre and Kejmar. The Austrian pushed a bit too hard in the first corner and crashed, putting him out for the race win. The speed of Thomas Chareyre was too fast for the others and soon in the race he created a gap that the others couldn’t close any more. The battle for second place was very close between Pavel Kejmar and S1GP Rookie Marc-Reiner Scmidt which was won by Schmidt in the end. In a wet race two it was again Chareyre with a very good start followed by Schmidt and Höllbacher. After a few laps Marc-Reiner Schmidt was able to close the gap with Chareyre and even pass him in one of the fast corners of the track. That was the sign for the Frenchmen to put the throttle full open and leave the other two riders alone. Lukas Höllbacher was able too pass Schmidt and took over second place which he held until the finish line. With more then 5 seconds Thomas Chareyre finished as first and took the overall victory before Marc-Reiner Schmidt and Lukas Höllbacher.

S1GP of Spain classification

  1. Thomas Chareyre  50 points (25+25)
  2. Marc-Reiner Schmidt  42 points (22+20)
  3. Lukas Höllbacher  38 points (16+22)
  4. Pavel Kejmar  38 points (20+18)
  5. Asseri Kingelin  31 points (18+13)
  6. Jose-Luis Hernandez 29 points (14+15)
  7. David Gimenez  28 points (12+16)
  8. Marius Lita  27 points (13+14)
  9. Ivan Romero  15 points (1+0)

Photo Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics



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