Thomas Chareyre on pole position in Spain

TM Factory rider and 4 times World Champion Thomas Chareyre has set the fastest time in the Superchrono session during the first GP Supermoto of 2016. In the Superchrono session the fastest 6 riders from time practice are battling for the pole position. In the official time practice it was Pavel Kejmar who was fastest before Chareyre and Lukas Höllbacher. When the superchrono started it was clear that Thomas Chareyre was fastest of them all like in all free practice. In lap 5 he set the fastest lap, more then 0,5 seconds faster then number two Kejmar and “rookie” Marc-Reiner Schmidt who finished in third. With 5 rider close to eachother the races for tomorrow promise some good battles.

Superchrono S1GP Jerez de la Frontera

  1. Thomas Chareyre
  2. Pavel Kejmar
  3. Marc-Reiner Schmidt
  4. Lukas Höllbacher
  5. David Gimenez
  6. Asseri Kingelin

Photo: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics



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