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Thomas Chareyre on his way back to the track after his injury

After his hard crash on the off-road section during the 3rd round of the Supermoto European championship in Poznan, Poland the reigning European and World championship in working hard on his recovery.
This morning we had contact with Thomas and received an update and recapp of his injury.

Thomas Chareyre: “After my crash I didn’t have any operation in Poland. I just stayed 48hours in the hospital for a “head trauma”. Doctors said to me that my collarbone was broken and that I might need surgery for the sport i am doing”

“Back in France I went to see my doctor and the conclusion was that my collarbone was not broken at all. According my doctor in France it was a dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint in the shoulder (my shoulder go out and go back immediately). My problem now is with the ligament, tendon and cartilage in the shoulder which must heal now”

“At this moment I have every day physio treatments to get my injury healed. I hope the be back in competition on the next round of the French championship on 29 & 30 June 2018 in Magny-Cours.!”

Thanks Thomas for your update. See you back soon at the racetrack.

Text: Gerwin van Rosmalen/Thomas Chareyre


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