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The last piece of the L30 Racing Team is complete for 2018

Only one name was missing for the L30 Racing team and this year it is a foreign name, the very strong German rider Marc Reiner Schmidt.

2015 European Champion, vice world champion 2016 and winner of the International of Italy 2017, the twenty-two years old from Meckenbeuren is one of the youngest and most talented riders on the Supermoto world scene.

The 2018 season program includes our participation in the International of Italy, the International of France and the most prestigious European competitions.

Ivan Lazzarini: “I am very happy with the arrival of Marc in the Team, he has already proved to be a very strong rider and I am really excited to work with him. I think he can still improve his skills and I hope the team can help for this and put him in a position to give his best. ”

Marc Reiner Schmidt: “In the past I have been able to see and admire directly the professional approach and the passion for the Supermoto sport of the L30 Racing Team. It is an honor for me to be a development rider and test pilot for Metzeler, it is important for me to be able to contribute my know-how acquired over the years and to be appreciated by Metzeler. I’m really excited to have Ivan as my Team Manager, because he has been a very strong rider who can help me with his experience.”

Together with Schmidt, in the L30 Racing Team for 2018 are confirmed:

Kevin Vandi (S4 European Champion 2017)
Alberto Moseriti – S1
Emiliano Cavagnino – S2
Lorenzo Papalini – Onroad
Roberto Ponsicchi – S2
Luca Fusi – S2
Daniele Cossu – S2
Luca Danieli – S2

L30 Racing Team is ready to start this new 2018 season!!

Photo: L30 Racing / Ivan Lazzarini

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