S2 European championship continues this weekend in Busca, Italy

Busca (Italy) – 27 June 2017. After the first race of the S1GP World championship in Albaida, the S2 European Championship season continues this weekend in Busca at the regio of Cuneo, Italy. With the top five in the overall standings within 25 points and two races to go in the championship all podium places are open for 2017. The racetrack of Kart Planet in Busca has received some major upgrades the last few weeks with a new asphalt layer and a permanent asphalt “off-road” section which makes it one of the better equipped venues in Italy. With all the strongest riders present, the third round of the season will be packed with action.

Current championship leader TM Factory Racing rider Diego Monticelli will try to defend his one point lead on BRT SWM rider Marc-Reiner Schmidt in Busca. Monticelli is in good shape this season and will go for the victory, but Schmidt has shown good speed all season and will try to do the same. Schmidt will not be the only rider who will be chasing the fast Italian Monticelli on his home ground. The teammate of Monticelli at TM Factory Racing, Thomas Chareyre is no less than five points behind and Chareyre will show his best racing to get the red plate back on the number four TM. Number four in the standings of the championship is BRT SWM rider Edgardo Borella. With the SWM’s getting better and better Borella is one of the outsiders for the victory in Busca. On 21 points behind the leader Monticelli, TMS Honda Racing rider Milan Sitniansky is currently in fifth position with a eight point lead on Suzuki Grau rider David Gimenez. Gazza Honda rider Lorenzo Promutico will start from seventh position in the championship with a difference of 31 points to the top. Swiss rider Raoul Tschupp, TM Factory Racing rider Joan Llados and Gazza Honda rider Emerick Bunod complete the top ten in S2. With the complete top ten within the fifty points no rider can afford any mistakes in Busca if they want to have a chance on the 2017 S2 European championship title.

In Busca the S2 class will have the last race of the season in Busca as the last round in Sosnova is cancelled. Championship leader L30 Honda Racing rider Kevin Vandi had an seven points lead on Birba Racing rider Kevin Caloroso. Caloroso is not the only thread for Vandi as Spanish rider Jorge Climent and Supermotoland rider Anthony Ford-Dunn are only nine points away from the leader. SWM rider David Climenti has also still sight on the title with a gap of twelve points to Vandi. With fifty points available in the championship all riders in the top ten still have a change on the title which makes the final race in Busca full of tension and action.

Underneath you watch the magazine of the 2016 races at Busca.

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