Robert Gattinger wins the 1st round of the Austrian championship in Pisek

Last weekend the first event took place of the 2017 Austrian Supermoto Championship in the classes S1 and S3 Juniors at Pisek Autodromo in Czech Republic.  In cool temperatures, the free practice session took place on Saturday, followed by the training session. As the asphalt was still wet during the free practice sessions and dry in the afternoon, a new situation arose again for the time training sessions. Off-road had to remain blocked because the organizer tried to prepare it for the race day as it was still very wet!.

In both classes the cards are mixed again, with many new riders present in 2017, providing new suspense for the races.
In the time training of the S1 only Andreas Buschberger was able to settle a perfect time in front of his competitors. In the 30 minutes of the session, almost every lap the situation changed between the riders but in the end
the pole remained for Andreas Buschberger, in front of Bernhard Hitzenberger and Robert Gattinger. Manuel Stehrer completed the first row in Pisek.
In the first race of the S1, Andreas Buschberger took a clear lead from the second round, with behind him Robert Gattinger and Bernhard Hitzenberger. The following group riders had exciting position battles, but the first race ended with a clear win by Andreas Buschberger. Behind the race winner Robert Gattinger and Bernhard Hitzenberger completed the top three.
Robert Gattinger took the pole at the start of the second race, followed by Bernhard Hitzenberger and Andreas Buschberger. In the third round of the second race Buschberger was still in third when he crashed due to a technical defect on his bike. Buschberger tried to restart but had to retire from the race in the end. Again an exciting race developed itself in Pisek between Robert Gattinger before Bernhard Hitzenberger and Manuel Stehrer, a batlle what continued until the finish line. Robert Gattinger crossed the finish flag in first position ahead of Bernhard Hitzenberger. Manuel Stehrer completed the top three in this exiting second race. With his second and first place in the races, Robert Gattinger took the overall victory in the opening round of the Austrian Supermoto Championship.

Time practice: 1.Buschberger A. (Husq) 2. Hitzenberger B.(Yam), 3. Gattinger R. (KTM), 4. Stehrer M.(Husq), 5. Bauer R. (TM), 6. Banholzer M. (Yam) 7. Banholzer P. (Yam), 8.Mayerbüchler P.(Yam)

  1. RACE 1: 1. Bsuchberger A. (Husq.), 2. Gattinger R. (KTM), 3. Hitzenberger (Yam), 4. Bauer R. (TM), 5. Banholzer p.(Yam), 6. Banholzer M. (Yam), 7. Mayerbüchler P. (Yam), 8. Duchacek L. (HQ), 9. Eder F. (H), 10. Ludvik P. (Husq)
  2. RACE 2: 1. Gattinger R. (KTM), 2. Hitzenberger (Yam), 3. Stehrer M. (Husq), 4. Mayerbüchler P. (Yam), 5. Banholzer P. (Yam), 6. Bauer R. (TM), 7. Banholzer M. (Yam), 8. Eder F. (H), 9. Maurer K. (TM), 10. Huber M. (Husq)

Overall results S1: 1.Gattinger Robert (KTM / A), 2.Hitzenberger Bernhard (Yam / A), 3. Bauer Rudolf (TM / A), 4. Mayerbüchler Peter (Yam / D), 5. Banholzer Peter (Yam / D), 6. Stehrer Manuel (Husq / A), 7. Banholzer Max (Yam / D), 8. Eder Florian (H / A), 9. Buschberger Andreas (Husq / A), 10. Duchacek Lukas (Husq / CZ).

By: Supermoto Austria

Photo: Supermoto Austria


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