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Ready to start in Jerez for the first GrandPrix

Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), 31 March 2016 – After the long winter break, this weekend starts the 2016 FIM Supermoto World Championship at Jerez, city that already hosted the FIM SuperMoto World Championship last season for the first time but respect to the previous year the venue is changed, held in 2015 at Parque González Hontoria, located in the city, this time it will be celebrated outside Circuito de Jerez, in the grounds just in front of the main entrance.


In S1GP the defending Champion TM Factory Team Thomas Chareyre will do his best to start the season with the Red Plate in his hands.

A lot of news this year: HUSQVARNA Lukas Hollbacher starts with his private Team, Hollbacher Racing, Pavel Kejmar changed team and bike and will be a KTM Mtr rider together with Lionel Deridder. Also Devon Vermeulen has a new team and brand: HONDA Gazza Racing and Asseri Kingelin is back with his former team and bike APRILIA Fast Wheels.

Finally the strong TM Degasoline Marc-Reiner Schmidt who won 2015 FIM Europe Title in S2 class passed in S1GP, as well David Gimenez who continue with SUZUKI Team Grau, the biggest team of paddock this year with five permanent riders in S1GP, Gimenez, Jose Luis Hernandez, Ignasi Codina, Ivan Romero and Marius Lita.


Diego Monticelli who ended the 2015 season with a third place, this year moved in TM Factory Team and is one of the favorite to start the year fighting for the top of the podium and get his first Title. Confirmed SUZUKI Petr Vorlicek, TM Sbd Giovanni Bussei, HONDA Gazza Racing Luca Ciaglia together with Fabrizio Promutico and Michel Gregoire.

Second year in European Championship for Alessandro Asnicar with YAMAHA Team Oltregara with Marco Polacco as well, a new team for Kevin Fagre with YAMAHA Inside Motorsport together with new riders as Adrien Vandercappelle and John Stambeck.

HONDA Tuning Motosport Milan Sitniansky moved from S1GP to S2 this year and will do his best to battle against the other rivals.

New names will be the young Finnish APRILIA Fast Wheels Aaro Harvia and the Belgian KTM Mtr Kaivers Romain.

Spanish TM Racing Joan Llados and SUZUKI Grau Zoe Parra and Peris Oriol  will be encouraged by the support they will receive from their public.



Saturday: S2 Free Practice1 10.00; S1GP Free Practice1 10.40; S2 Free Practice2 11.30; S1GP Free Practice2 12.10; S2 Time Practice 13.30; S1GP Time Practice 14.10; S1GP SuperChrono 14.50

Sunday: S2 Warm Up 9.30; S1GP Warm Up 10.00; S2 Race1 11.00; S1GP Race 1 12.00; S2 Race2 13.30; S2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 14.30; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

Photo: Jerez 2016 Racetrack

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