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Race report from Degasoline Motorsport of Ottobiano 2017

The first date of the “S1GP World-European Championship 2017” has finally arrived. After the first race of the Italian Championship, held in Ottobiano last month, the Degasoline rider Pavel Kejmar riding an official TM bike, carried out further tests to better benefit his driving.
Indeed, in the first free practices, he managed to approach the best Thomas Chareyre’s time, arriving just 0.0013″ behind. The work done, above all on the suspension and on rider’s posture, has given its results. However later on, in timed trials, Chareyre increases his margin.
The grid: 1st row, Chareyre Thomas 1:27,844; Kejmar Pavel at 0,671″; Schmidt Marc at 1,339″

RUN 1:
Sunday morning, at the beginning of the first race, it’s a beautiful sunny day with a light wind. Chareyre starts well, followed by Kejmar, then Monticelli and Schmidt fourth. For 5-6 laps Kejmar stays in touch with Chareyre, then he begins losing a few tenths” each lap, so they get away. Pavel’s best time in the first intermediate, which includes the off-road track, is 48.8″, while Chareyre’s is 48.2”. In the second intermediate both riders have 49.009″. The first four riders keep their positions up to the finish line. When back to the box, Pavel complains about a pain in the arm and about the little grip on the back of his bike. When checking temperature and pressure, they find out that the rear tire has only 0.5 Bar!
Final: 1. Chareyre Thomas 1:28,002; Kejmar Pavel at 7.7”; Monticelli Diego at 16.3”.

RUN 2:
At the start of the second run, Chareyre takes the lead, while Schmidt and Kejmar are in second place. The two followers, who hold old grudges, engage in a tough battle. Pavel tries to overtake Schmidt in several points of the track and in a couple of occasions he succeeds, but he is surpassed again. On the third lap, Pavel can pass inside and goes ahead, but Schmidt joins him and pushes him with his left foot. The two bikers stay distant for a while, then Schmidt tries again. Pavel stretches his leg out to keep him away. At the end of the straight road Schmidt flips inside and, crossing Pavel, leads him off the trajectory. Shortly after, on the sixth lap, on the chicane before the straight road that descends to the last curve, Pavel can overtake and takes 4-5 meters. At the entrance to the off-road, Schmidt faces the first jump with great determination trying to get closer to Pavel. After the jump the two are 2 mt away: Pavel sets the first curve to the right, but Schmidt, standing on the footrests, points towards Pavel’s bike, hitting the center of it. Pavel falls badly, while Schmidt resumes immediately. End of the race for Pavel, who can not get on the bike or walk. Hospital Response: Broken right big toe and multiple knee’s fractures. Stop for 6 months! After the race Pavel’s Team appeals immediately, but the Jury’s response is that it was normal racing action! The Team will appeal to the International Court of Justice for Sport.

Next race on 14 May 2017 in Sparta (Greece), with Romain Kaivers, if he resumes in time from the accident occurred during a Belgian championship race.

Text: Degasoline Motorsport

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