Oliver Pope wins the final round of the BeNeCup Supermoto in Battice

Last weekend the final round of the 2017 BeNeCup Supermoto Championship was held at the street racetrack of Battice-Herve, Belgium in the region of Liege. The championship in the Inters/Prestige class was already decided in Chimay where Belgium rider Kevin Vieillevoye was crowned as the new 2017 champion. In the week before Battice, Vieillevoye had an accident at his work where he broke his leg. Because of his injury Vieillevoye missed not only the last round at his hometrack but also he will also miss the Supermoto of Nations. With the champion out, the victory in the fastest Inters/Prestige class was open for the other riders. English KTM rider Oliver Pope took the overall victory in the Inters/Prestige class with an first and third place in the races. In the Euro class the victory went to Koen Roos who also took the championship in this class. Johan Goffard was the winner of the National class in Battice. The superfinal was won by Romain Kaivers who made his debut on the R4Moto’s Husqvarna.

The first race of the Inters/Prestige class was won by KTM rider Oliver Pope who passed Jean-Marc Gaillard in the third lap of the race for the lead. The Englishman was clearly the fastest on the difficult track in Belgium and finished with a lead of 7:409 seconds in first place. Second place was for Honda rider Jean-Marc Gaillard in front of Dutch Honda rider Ruurd van Roozendaal. Behind the top three it was Ashley Barber who finished fourth followed by Joel Delsuphexhe. Husqvarna rider Romain Kaivers made a mistake in the first laps if the race and after an comeback the young Belgium finished in sixth place. Race number two in Battice was won by Romain Kaivers who showed he was already fast on the new bike. Second place was for DWS KTM rider Ashley Barber, followed by his fellow countryman Oliver Pope. Sebastien Bouillon finished in fourth while Romain Requier completed the top five. Fastest Dutchman in the second was Honda rider Wouter Straver. Ruurd van Roozendaal had to retire the race after four lap. With his first and third place, Oliver Pope took his first overall victory in 2017. Romain Kaivers finished second overall and Ashley Barber completed the podium in Battice-Herve. Al tough he couldn’t ride in Battice, the new 2017 BeNeCup Supermoto Champion is Kevin Viellevoye, his second title in a row.

The Euro class in Battice was won Koen Roos with a first and second place in the races. With his victory Koen Roos, also took the 2017 Championship title in the Euro class. Second overall was English rider Dean Hiller who showed impressive speed throughout the season. With a third and fourth place in the races, Belgium rider Jonathan Gaspar took the last place on the podium. Best Dutch rider in the Euro class was John Boot with a fifth place overall before Thieu Tausch.

The strong National class was also won by an Belgium rider. Johan Goffard was the overall winner with a second and first place before Sebastien Jamar. Romeo Fiorentino took the last place on the podium with a first and seventh place in the races. Championship leader Francois Corman finished in eight place overall which was enough to take the 2017 National BeNeCup title. Best Dutch National rider in Battice-Herve was Mark Haan with a 16th position overall.

The Superfinal at the end of the raceday was won by Husqvarna rider Romain Kaivers in front of English riders Ashley Barber and Oliver Pope.

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Photography by 333Fotografie, Lena van der Kraats

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