McAllister wins AMA Supermoto at Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD CA (April 10, 2016) – The 2016 AMA Supermoto season began how 2015 ended – with Gage McAllister winning. New for 2016 was the addition of a double-points paying round with two main events in the Pro Open class, and the RSR KTM rider made the most of it to leave Kern County Raceway Park with maximum points.

In race one, McAllister’s teammate Eric Stump led for most of the race and did his best to hold off the defending champion, but McAllister would not be denied.

“Yeah that was a good race, a little crazy in the first few turns, but just tried to stay safe, stay up,” McAllister said. “[Eric] Stump got a good start, and was able to break away a little bit. I got a little nervous there for a second, had to get around some guys quick so I could try to reel him back in. I was struggling to get around him, this track’s super hard to pass. So you kind of have to wait for a mistake or make your way around somebody by force, and that’s not really what I like to do. I like to make clean passes. So I was able to make it happen and, man, it feels good.”

Joining McAllister and Stump on the podium was teammate Sean Butterman, followed by Australian Josh McLean. Rounding out the top five was Ryan Kearns on the Meatball Racing Honda.

Then Mother Nature decided to have her say, throwing rain into the mix halfway through the final race of the evening, the second Pro Open main. It really started coming down towards the end, really putting the Supermoto riders’ skills to the test in full wet conditions on the dirt and the asphalt on slick tires.

Butterman led the way before falling victim to the challenging conditions. It was then between series newcomer McLean and McAllister. Once again, McAllister rose to the occasion and tip-toed his way to another win.

“I think about halfway through or maybe a little bit past halfway you could actually start feeling the rain affect the track a little bit,” McAllister said. “At that point the pace slowed down quite a bit. I just tried to push a little bit extra in certain areas to make up a little bit of time. On that last lap I really got lucky, we were tip-toeing out there.”

McLean was happy to take a second-place finish back home to Portland, Australia, and hopes to find a ride for the rest of the season. Butterman recovered to still finish on the podium. The pair of third-place finishes puts Butterman second in the points at 40; McLean is third, also at 40.

Rounding out the top five was Kearns and Intents Racing Kawasaki’s Steve Drew.

AMA round 1 Bakersfield Lites

Lean Six Sigma Racing Husqvarna’s Josh Jackson dominated the Pro Lites class to take the win at home, while his championship rival Nicky Reimer struggled. Jackson got out to the lead early and no one could touch him.

“I’ve been thinking about this race since we left Tuscon [2015 season finale] last November, I led almost the whole main event and got passed on the last lap and it’s been eating at me,” Jackson said. “So this was my redemption day. I’ve been working hard. I’ve been hitting the hills with some of my buddies that are up here in the stands, hitting the motocross track. My team, man they dumped some money behind me this year I had no excuses now. If I’m not winning, man it’s my fault.”

Everyone knew rain was on the way (it was actually on the way since the day started), so the urgency was there from the start.

“I knew I had to move quick,” Jackson said. “I wanted to get to front because I knew I had the speed to get away once I got there, so I just wanted to make quick work of it. I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do so I was just trying to put some ground on everybody else that way if I had to back off in the weather I had some room to play with.”

The battle for second was between Dallas Daniels on the Fatboy Racing Yamaha and Cameron Welsh on the Damn Dummy Racing Yamaha. The young Daniels would come out on top, a solid effort for the Mattoon, Illinois rider’s first race in the championship.

In fourth was Answer Racing Suzuki’s Dawson Scheiffer and Brady Tausan on a Kawasaki.

It was a difficult night for the reigning champ Reimer, who suffered a wrist injury earlier in the evening during the first Pro Open main. He toughed it out though to salvage some points in sixth.

Jackson’s fellow Bakersfield Supermoto rider, Christian Payne dominated the Amateur National class. The Husqvarna rider led straight away and had a near perfect race until the very end, also falling victim to the final dirt section exit. His big lead that he amassed saved him in the end.

“I got a little carried away and opened up the throttle a little too much and spun her out,” said Payne. “Luckily I grabbed the clutch before I could kill it so that helped a little bit, got back up as fast as I could. He almost got me though, I had my heart racing a little bit right there at the end.”

Completing the podium was Tyler Smotherman on a Suzuki and Monarch Honda’s Malcolm Barker.

Pro Open Race One Results:

1. Gage McAllister (KTM); 2. Eric Stump (KTM); 3. Sean Butterman (KTM); 4. Josh McLean (HUS); 5. Ryan Kearns (HON); 6. Dustin Hoffman (KTM); 7. Garrett Willis (HON); 8. Drew Dickson (KTM); 9. Dawson Scheiffer (SUZ); 10. Steve Drew (KAW); 11. Jake Thompson (HON); 12. Austin Pecoraro (HUS); 13. Tyler Sweeney (HON); 14. Bronson Pearce (HON); 15. Michelle Disalvo (HON);16. Dalton Turner (YAM); 17. Lance Garza (HON); 18. Harry Leitner (KTM); 19. Casey Yarrow (YAM); 20. Sam Knox (HON); 21. Nicky Reimer (HUS)

Pro Open Race Two Results:

1. Gage McAllister (KTM); 2. Josh McLean (HUS); 3. Sean Butterman (KTM); 4. Ryan Kearns (HON); 5. Steve Drew (KAW); 6. Eric Stump (KTM); 7. Drew Dickson (KTM); 8. Dustin Hoffman (KTM); 9. Casey Yarrow (YAM); 10. Sam Knox (HON); 11. Tyler Sweeney (HON); 12. Austin Pecoraro (HUS); 13. Bronson Pearce (HON); 14. Dawson Scheiffer (SUZ); 15. Jake Thompson (HON); 16. Harry Leitner (KTM); 17. Michelle Disalvo (HON); 18. Dalton Turner (YAM); 19. Garrett Willis (HON); 20. Lance Garza (HON)

Pro Lites Results:

1. Josh Jackson (HUS); 2. Dallas Daniels (YAM); 3. Cameron Welsh (YAM); 4. Dawson Scheiffer (SUZ); 5. Brady Tausan (KAW); 6. Nicky Reimer (HUS); 7. Ian Champness (HON); 8. Mark Hopkins (YAM); 9. Peter H. Olivier (YAM); 10. Robert Wiggins (KTM); 11. Ryan Sweeny (KAW)

Amateur National Results:

1. Christian Payne (HUS); 2. Tyler Smotherman (SUZ); 3. Malcolm Barker (HON); 4. Ernie Lyles (HON); 5. Ryan Copeland (YAM); 6. John Lyles (HON); 7. Cliff Sullivan (HON); 8. Ryan Wetmore (HON); 9. Andrew Herring (KTM); 10. Ryan McAllister (YAM); 11. Anthony Vene (KAW); 12. Joe Agley (KTM); 13. James Jones (KAW); 14. Jonathan Mullins (HON); 15. Timmy Dennis (KTM); 16. Mike Suratt (SUZ); 17. Fred Wilhemi (HON); 18. Kevin Wehr (KTM);19. Jeff Rydalch (HUS);20. Matty Flanagan (KTM)

Text: AMA Supermoto

Photo: AMA Supermoto


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