Markus Class wins the 1st round of the IDM in Harsewinkel

On Saturday and Sunday 22 and 23 April, the first race of the 2017 IDM German Supermoto championship was held at the race track of Harsewinkel. With two wins in the S2 class Markus Class was the clear winner at the start of the new season. The Husqvarna driver left the defending champion Andre Plogmann (Suzuki) in second place in both races. The podium was completed by the European champion if 2016 Petr Vorlicek (CZE, Suzuki). In S2 it was the Dutch Honda rider Ruurd van Roozendaal who took both wins in front of Christian Pacher. Dennis Kleinn took the last place on the podium. The victory in S3 was for Kevin Labenski with two wins. Dutch DWS KTM rider Robert Botjes took second place overall in front of Lukas Kogel on Honda.

S1 Overall results – Harsewinkel

  1. Markus Class, Husqvarna – 50 points
  2. Andre Plogmann, Suzuki – 44 points
  3. Petr Vorlicek, Suzuki – 40 points
  4. Markus Volz, Husqvarna – 33 points
  5. Jan Deitenbach, Suzuki – 31 points

S2 Overall results – Harsewinkel

  1. Ruurd van Roozendaal, Honda – 50 points
  2. Christian Pacher, KTM – 44 points
  3. Dennis Kleinn, TM – 38 points
  4. Kevin Wust, Husqvarna – 32 points
  5. Tobias Hiemer, Yamaha – 32 points

S3 Overall results – Harsewinkel

  1. Kevin Labenski, KTM – 50 points
  2. Robert Botjes, KTM – 44 points
  3. Lukas Kogel, Honda – 36 points
  4. Kevin Mayer, Husqvarna – 36 points
  5. Kevin Thomas, Honda – 31 points

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Photo: AUI PHOTOGRAPHY, Marcus Aui


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