Markus Class sets the fastest time at the Superbiker in Mettet

German MH Racing rider Markus Class has set the fastest time at timed qualification practice at the Superbiker in Mettet. In difficult weather conditions the number two of the World championship set of 1:06:269 in the first timed practice. TM Factory Racing rider Thomas Chareyre was second only 00:184 second behind Markus Class. Third time, also in the first timed practice, was for Austrian Hollbacher Racing rider Lukas Hollbacher. With the rain starting to fall just before the final time practice, the riders were no able to improve their times for tommorrow’s start places.

  1. Markus Class, 1:06:269
  2. Thomas Chareyre, 1:06:453
  3. Lukas Hollbacher, 1:06:556
  4. Simon Vilhelmsen, 1:07:364
  5. Sylvain Bidart, 1:07:387
  6. Romain Kaivers, 1:07:684
  7. Edgardo Borella, 1:07:871
  8. Davey Todd, 1:07:944
  9. Lionel deRidder, 1:08:106
  10. Sebastien Bouillon, 1:08:115


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