IDM: Marc-Reiner Schmidt wins in Saarbrücken

Marc-Reiner Schmidt has won the first round in the Open class of the 2016 IDM German championship Supermoto in Saarbrücken. Schmidt won both races for Markus Volz. Especially in the first race it was a close battle between Schmidt and Volz with Dirk Spaniol following on 9 seconds of the winner. In the second race Marc-Reiner Schmidt had created a bigger gap with Markus Volz winning with 3,6 seconds. Jan Deitenbach finished 3rd, 19 seconds behind the winner.

Top 4 Open Class, IDM Supermoto Saarbrücken

  1. Marc-Reiner Schmidt  1 + 1
  2. Markus Volz  2 + 2
  3. Jan Deitenbach  4 + 3
  4. Dirk Spaniol  3 + 4

Photo: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics



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