Lukas Höllbacher wins IDM round at Sankt Wendel

Austrian Husqvarna rider Lukas Höllbacher has won the second round of the IDM German championship in the S1 class today at Sankt Wendel before Markus Class and Manuel Hagleitner. With the two race wins Höllbacher took over the lead in the German championship from Andre Plogmann who won the first round. In the first race of the S1 class it was very close racing between Lukas Höllbacher and Markus Class. On the finish line the difference between the two Husqvarna riders was 0.200 seconds followed on two seconds by Manuel Hagleitner. In the second race Höllbacher managed to create a small gap of two seconds between Plogmann and Class, who where fighting for second place, which was enough to take the victory in this race. Suzuki rider Andre Plogmann finished in second just before Markus Class who took the last place on the podium.

IDM Supermoto 2016 – Sankt Wendel RACE 1

  1. Lukas Höllbacher
  2. Markus Class
  3. Manuel Hagleitner
  4. Markus Volz
  5. Andreas Buschberger
  6. Petr Vorlicek
  7. Rudolf Bauer
  8. Jan Deitenbach
  9. Philipp Prestel
  10. Kevin Tschümperlin

IDM Supermoto 2016 – Sankt Wendel RACE 2

  1. Lukas Höllbacher
  2. Andre Plogmann
  3. Markus Class
  4. Philipp Prestel
  5. Petr Vorlicek
  6. Manuel Hagleitner
  7. Markus Volz
  8. Kevin Tschümperlin
  9. Dirk Spaniol
  10. Peter Bahnholzer

IDM Supermoto Sankt Wendel – S1 Class

  1. Lukas Höllbacher 25+25
  2. Markus Class 22+20
  3. Manuel Hagleitner 20+16
  4. Petr Vorlicek 15+18
  5. Markus Volz 18+15

IDM Supermoto Championship 2016 – S1 Class

  1. Lukas Höllbacher  90 points
  2. Andre Plogmann  84 points
  3. Petr Vorlicek  75 points
  4. Manuel Hagleitner  74 points
  5. Markus Volz  62 points

Photo: Marcus Aui Photography



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