Kevin Vieillevoye wins the 5th round of the BeNeCup in Bilstain

Bilstain, Belgium – 18 June 2017. Last weekend the fifth round of the 2017 BeNeCup Supermoto championship was held at the challenging racetrack of Domain Enduro & Trail in Bilstain, Belgium. The traditional race on the domain is well known as the Belgian Masters with several fast international riders present. In this edition German riders Jan Deitenbach, Peter and Max Bahnholzer were present together with Austrian riders Andreas Buschberger and Bernhard Hitzenberger. The real star of the Masters was Belgium home rider Kevin Vieillevoye. In Bilstain nobody could get near the the fast Belgium rider. In the qualification session Vieillevoye was more than 1.6 seconds faster than the second rider Buschberger. Third in the qualification was German Suzuki rider Jan Deitenbach.

Also in both races on Sunday, Kevin Vieillevoye was the man to beat. At the start of the first race it was Vieillevoye who took the hole shot into the first tight corner of Bilstain. With lap times much faster then all the other riders, Vieillevoye took the victory in front of Andreas Buschberger and Jan Deitenbach who completed the top three. In race two Vieillevoye had a bad start and entered the first corner in 9th place. One lap later the Belgium moved up one spot, but a small mistake made him fall back to tenth position. Vieillevoye than opened the throttle of his KTM bike. In six laps Vieillevoye was back in second place behind the leader Jan Deitenbach. Vieillevoye kept pushing and was soon at the backwheel of the Suzuki from Deitenbach. With two laps to go Vieillevoye passed the German rider and decided it was time to give the spectators an great show. At the finishline Kevin Vieillevoye had a lead of almost three seconds on Jan Deitenbach who finished in second. Andreas Buschberg completed the top three in race two. With his two victories Kevin Vieillevoye was the overall winner before Jan Deitenbach and Andreas Buschberger. The best Dutch rider was Honda rider Wouter Straver in 15th position overall.

In the Euro class it was current leader in the championship Koen Roos who took the overall victory with two race wins in Bilstain. Second place overall was for the young Dutch rider Thieu Tausch, who is getting better and better into his rhythm this season. Last place on the podium was for Belgium rider Nicolas Lagamme with a 4th and 3rd place in the races.

In the National class, Belgium KTM rider Francois Corman was the strongest rider. With a second place and victory, Corman took the overall victory before Johan Goffard and Kenny Dupont. Best Dutch rider was Mark Haan who finished in 18th place overall.

Last race of the day was the Superfinal with the best riders of all classes. Again it was Kevin Vieillevoye who was the fastest rider on the track and with a lead of 12:142 seconds, he took the victory and the extra points in the championship. Second position was for Andreas Buschberger followed by Jan Deitenbach.

Next event of the 2017 BeNeCup is on the streettrack of Den Dungen, the Netherlands on the 9th of July.

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Special thanks to Lena van de Kraats of 333Fotografie for the pictures of the event in Bilstain.


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