Kaivers wins BeNeCup Supermoto at Rockanje (NL)

Belgium KTM rider Romain Kaivers has won the third race of the BeNeCup Supermoto championship at the city racetrack of Rockanje in the Netherlands. In both races of the Inters/Prestige class Romain Kaivers was the strongest on the tricky and highspeed track before fellow countryman Kevin Vieillevoye. In the first race Sebastien Bouillon finished in third on almost 43 seconds of the two battling KTM riders, followed by Erwin Mulder and Ruurd van Roozendaal in 4th and 5th. Dutchman Renzo van der Hoek had a very good race for his home crowd in the second race and managed to put himself on third place before Ruurd van Roozendaal and Sebastien Bouillon. With his 5th place in the second race Sebastien Bouillon secured the last place on the podium.

In the Superfinal it was again Romain Kaivers who was the fastest rider of all. Under rainy conditions the racetrack became very slippery but already very early in the Superfinal Kaivers and Vieillevoye managed to put down some fast laptimes, leaving the rest of the riders far behind. On more than 40 seconds Sebastien Bouillon finished in 3rd before Dutch riders Erwin Mulder and Ruurd van Roozendaal.

BeNeCup Supermoto Rockanje – Inter/Euro class – race 1

  1. Romain Kaivers
  2. Kevin Vieillevoye
  3. Sebastien Bouillon
  4. Erwin Mulder
  5. Ruurd van Roozendaal
  6. Renzo van der Hoek
  7. Wouter Straver
  8. Kenny Neirinck (Euro)
  9. Robert Simpson
  10. Robert Botjes (Euro)

BeNeCup Supermoto Rockanje – Inter/Euro class – race 2

  1. Romain Kaivers
  2. Kevin Vieillevoye
  3. Renzo van der Hoek
  4. Ruurd van Roozendaal
  5. Sebastien Bouillon
  6. Robert Simpson
  7. Kenny Neirinck (Euro)
  8. Robert Botjes (Euro)
  9. Jonathan Gaspar (Euro)
  10. Kevin Vercauteren (Euro)

BeNeCup Supermoto Rockanje – Inter/Euro class

  1. Romain Kaivers 25+25
  2. Kevin Vieillevoye 22+22
  3. Sebastien Bouillon 20+16
  4. Renzo van der Hoek 15+20
  5. Ruurd van Roozendaal 16+18
  6. Robert Simpson 13+15
  7. Erwin Mulder 18+0
  8. Wouter Straver 14+0

Photo: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics



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