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Höllbacher Racing Race report Albaida Spain

Also, the second round of the Supermoto-World-Championship took place in Spain. During the long travel to spain the team and Lukas took the chance to do some tests. A fantastic kart circuit with the combined motocross track as an offroad-part motivated not only the numerous riders, it also attracted many spectators.

Qualyfying: The Husqvarna-rider managed it to qualify in Q1 among the first 6. Then a second brief qualyfying for the first 6 was. There Lukas did three successful laps which secured him the second place only 0.1 seconds behind the championship-leader Chareyre. Due to this and in general he was top satisfied and motivated for the races.

Heat 1: The start went smoothly; Lukas was on the second place, just behind Chareyre and before Kejmar. The whole race Lukas was close to the leader, he only didn’t risk an attack. Kejmar was able to gain distance from Schmidt and came closer to Lukas in the final laps, but could not start an attack. So Lukas could secure the second place in heat one.

Heat 2: Thanks to the new adler-clutch Lukas could reach a perfect start.Lukas was 17 of 19 laps on the leading position before Schmidt and Chareyre. But on the penultimate lap Lukas pushed a little bit too much and he could just intercept a highsider. Unfortunately, he had no speed for the next straight, therefore Schmidt could pass Höllbacher. In addition he crashed as he tried to pass Schmidt back. The Ranshofner was quickly back on the bike and was able to bring the 3rd place into the finish.

Text: Höllbacher Racing

Photo: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics

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