Devon Vermeulen wins the Masters of Supermoto 2017 in Lelystad

Lelystad, 01-10-2017, Last weekend the second edition of the Masters of Supermoto was held at the Midland Raceway in Lelystad, the Netherlands. The 2017 edition was also the final round of the 2017 Dutch National Supermoto Championship. With all titles still open before the event, action was guaranteed on the racetrack in Lelystad. The final race of the Masters of Supermoto 2017 was won by Honda rider Devon Vermeulen in front of Ashley Barber and Erwin Mulder.

After the rain on Saturday, the free practices on Sunday morning started in dry conditions. In the free practice it was Belgium KTM rider Ashley Barber who set the fastest time of all groups before Devon Vermeulen and Honda rider Wouter Straver.  In the time practice Devon Vermeulen set a time of 1:17:01, which was 1:523 seconds faster than second fastest rider of the combined groups, SMX Racing rider Robin Heeringa. Third time in the time practice was for Ashley Barber.

In the afternoon it was time for the semi finals of the Masters. From the three groups the first 10 riders went directly to the finals at the end of the day in Lelystad. The semi-final of group 1 was won by Ashley Barber on his KTM. The fast Belgium/English rider crossed the finish line in first place, 11:934 seconds in front of second rider Wouter Straver. Third position in this group was for Broapaholics rider Alain de Bie who was followed by Kawasaki rider Carlo van Baaren. Husqvarna rider John Boot completed the top five in semi-final number one. The second semi-final was for group two. Yamaha rider Erwin Mulder was the winner of this group. Mulder was followed on 12:095 seconds by Honda rider Mitchell Wintersberger who rode his second supermoto race of his career. Third position was for Belgium Aprilia rider Kenny Neirinck. Neirinck was followed by Mark Haan while Honda rider Marco van der Sommen completed the top five. The last semi-final was for group three. The winner of the last semi-final was Devon Vermeulen. With a laptime of 1:15:732, Vermeulen was by far the fastest rider on the track. At the finish line his lead on the number two finisher Robin Heeringa was 21:605 seconds. Third position was for MVD RV Motorsport rider Thieu Tausch in front of English rider Robert Simpson. SRAT rider  Sebastian Roemendael completed the top five in semi-final number three. The semi-finals in Lelystad were fired by a number of crashes but luckily, the riders didn’t suffer any major injuries. SupermotoWorld wants to wish Rick Eelants, Mario Brandinga, Robbert Bezemer and Bas Gerritsen an quick and healthy recovery.

The last race of the day was the final of the Masters of Supermoto. At the start 36 riders entered the first tight corner of the racetrack. The first rider got through but in the middle of the field a number of riders crashed and they had to restart from the back of field. With some of the title contenders thrown back in the race, the tension for the title in the Euro class and National class got higher and higher. In front it was Honda rider Devon Vermeulen who found his rhythm straight from the beginning and lead the race in front of Ashley Barber. Behind Barber, three riders were having their own battle for third position in the race.  Erwin Mulder, Mitchell Wintersberger and Kenny Neirinck were chasing each other lap after lap. At the moment that all riders found their pace and with the favourites for the titles getting closer to the top, the race was red flagged because of an accident in the off-road section. With all riders back in the waiting zone, lot of riders had the time to do some necessary repairs or change to their spare bikes after the start crash in the beginning. After 20 minutes the final was restarted for a race time of eight minutes and one lap. After the warm-up laps, it was again Devon Vermeulen who took the holeshot into the first corner followed by Ashley Barber, Erwin Mulder, Kenny Neirinck and Robert Simpson. With Vermeulen and Barber pulling away from the rest of the field, the tension for the lead in the sprint race was over after a few laps. While Simpson, Neirinck and Mulder were fighting for third place, one rider with a bad start was charging through the field. Mitchell Wintersberger started from 13th place at the start, but he managed to take fourth place from Kenny Neirinck at the end of the race. For title contender in the Euro class, Robin Heeringa the final of the Masters was over after 4 laps when he had retire from the race. After 8 laps Devon Vermeulen finished in first place taking the victory in the Masters of Supermoto. Ashley Barber finished in second place in front of Erwin Mulder who completed the podium in Lelystad. With the victory Devon Vermeulen also took the 2017 Dutch Supermoto title in the Inter class. MVD RV Motorsport rider Thieu Tausch finished in 8th position in the final which was enough for the young rider to take the title in the Euro class after the retirement of Robin Heeringa.  In the National class the title was also still open. Leader in the Championship Alain de Bie finished in 17th place at the final, just in front of his biggest opponent Sebastian Roemendael, which was enough for him to take the National title in 2017.



Valimax Ladies Cup

For the ladies of Supermoto, Lelystad was also the final for the Valimax Ladies Cup. In the Ladies Cup, it was wildcard rider Nikki van der Spek who the overall victory with two race wins. Leader in the championship Robiene Kardolus finished second overall with two second places in the races. Third place overall in the final race of the season was for Kristie van Steden. With her two second places Robiene Kardolus also took the 2017 title in the Valimax Ladies Cup.

All results of the event can be found at

Dutch Supermoto Championship 2017 – Inter class

  1. Devon Vermeulen, 200pts
  2. Erwin Mulder, 127pts
  3. Wouter Straver, 126pts

Dutch Supermoto Championship 2017 – Euro class

  1. Thieu Tausch, 174pts
  2. John Boot, 163pts
  3. Robin Heeringa, 134pts

Dutch Supermoto Championship 2017 – National class

  1. Alain de Bie, 290pts
  2. Sebastian Roemendael, 270pts
  3. Nicky Zoontjens, 257pts

Valimax Ladies Cup

  1. Robiene Kardolus, 128pts
  2. Kristie van Steden, 101pts
  3. Naomi de Olde, 86pts

Photo: Nick van Rosmalen


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