Devon Vermeulen wins the first race in the 2017 BeNeCup

Last weekend on Saturday the first race of the 2017 BeNeCup Supermoto championship was held on the famous racetrack in Mettet. In very wet and tricky conditions 154 riders started the chrono sessions in the early morning.

In the fastest Inter/Prestige class it was Dutch Honda rider Devon Vermeulen who set the fastest time in the timed sessions and he also took the victory in the two races before Team Degasoline TM rider Romain Kaivers and Belgium KTM rider Kevin Vieillevoye. Place four and five were also for two Belgium riders, Sebastien Bouillon and Ashley Barber.

In the Euro class the competition was open with lots of new riders and guest riders. Belgium guest rider Kevin Claus was the fastest rider set the fastest time in his first and only lap in time practice. Claus was also the fastest in the races and took the victory in both races. In the first race it were Belgium riders Jerome Veys and Koen Roos who took second and third place. Koen Roos improved his result in the second race as he took second place before another Belgium rider Nicolas Lagamme. Best Dutch rider was Sytze Hilleger.

The biggest group of rider was starting in the National class. With 2 groups of 34 riders, the sport in the Netherlands and Belgium shows it is getting back to his former glory. In the time practice it was Marc-Antoine Fleurquin who set the fastest time almost 1.2 seconds ahead of the number two Vincent Lonbois and Francois Corman. In the two races the Fleurquin couldn’t set his pole position into victories. With a 24th and 8th place it was disappointing day for the fast Belgium rider. Race one in the National class was won by Vincent Lonbois before fellow countrymen Francois Corman and Scott Meunier. Fastest Dutch rider in the first race was Bram Tausch. the second race was won by Jerome Panozzo ahead of Francois Corman and Florian Geraerts. With his two second places Francois Corman took the overall victory in the National class. Bram Tausch was again the fastest Dutch rider before Alain de Bie.

Last race of the day was the Superfinal. With the fastest riders of each class action is guaranteed on every level. The extra points for the championship are important for all the riders. The Superfinal was won by Kevin Vieillevoye before Romain Kaivers and Devon Vermeulen.

All results can be found at the website of Speedhive/MyLaps >>

Photo: SupermotoPics, Gerwin van Rosmalen

Inter/Prestige – class Overall results Mettet 2017

  1. Devon Vermeulen – 50 points (25+25)
  2. Romain Kaivers – 44 points (22+22)
  3. Kevin Vieillevoye – 40 points (20+20)
  4. Sebastien Bouillon – 34 points (18+16)
  5. Ashley Barber – 31 points (16+15)
  6. Michael Paul – 30 points (12+18)
  7. Oliver Pope – 28 points (14+14)
  8. Florian Catrice – 28 points (15+13)
  9. Thomas Decaigny – 24 points (13+11)
  10. Romain Requier – 21 points (9+12)

Euro class – Overall results Mettet 2017

  1. Kevin Claus – 50 points (25+25)
  2. Koen Roos – 42 points (20+22)
  3. Nicolas Lagamme – 38 points (18+20)
  4. Jonathan Gaspar – 31 points (15+16)
  5. Maxime Ninane – 30 points (12+18)

National class – Overall results Mettet 2017

  1. Francois Corman
  2. Jerome Panozzo
  3. Florian Geraerts
  4. Scott Meunier
  5. Johan Goffard


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