Devon Vermeulen wins the 3rd round of the BeNeCup in Lelystad

The third race of the 2017 BeNeCup Supermoto championship was held last weekend at the Midland Raceway in Lelystad in the Netherlands. For the championship it was the first round on Dutch ground after two races in Belgium. In the Inter/Prestige class it was Dutchman Devon Vermeulen on Honda, who won both races in this fast class before Belgium KTM rider Kevin Vieillevoye and Ashley Barber. Vermeulen had to fight hard for his victories as the current leader in the championship Vieillevoye was in both races right on the back of the Honda. In race one, the difference between the two was only 00:232 seconds and in race two it was 2:750 seconds. Special guestrider in Lelystad at the Inter/Prestige class was Pramac Ducati MotoGP rider Scott Redding. With a 6th and 4th place in the races at Lelystad, the English rider became fourth overall.

The Euro class was won by Belgium rider Koen Roos, before his fellow countryman Boris Lienard. Third place in the Euro class was for SMX Racing rider Robin Heeringa.

Biggest class in Lelystad with more than 60 riders was the National class with strong Belgium and Dutch riders. The overall win with two race wins was for Belgium rider Sebastien Jamar before another Belgium rider Florian Geraerts. First Dutch rider in the National class was Alain de Bie with a third place overall.

For the Valimax LadiesCup it was the first official race of the season after their demo race in Spa-Francorchamps. Robiene Kardolus took her first victory in Supermoto with two clear wins. Second place was for Claudia van der Biezen followed by Naomi de Olde.

The Superfinal at the end of the race day with the best riders from each class was won by Kevin Vieillevoye in front of Devon Vermeulen and Ashley Barber.

The next round for the 2017 BeNeCup Supermoto will be at the Airbase of Florennes on 10 and 11 June 2017.

Overall results Lelystad – INTER/PRESTIGE

  1. Devon Vermeulen – 50 points (25+25)
  2. Kevin Vieillevoye – 44 points (22+22)
  3. Ashley Barber – 40 points (20+20)
  4. Scott Redding – 33 points (15+18)
  5. Sebastien Bouillon – 33 points (18+15)
  6. Oliver Pope – 32 points (16+16)

Overall results Lelystad – EURO

  1. Koen Roos – 50 points (25+25)
  2. Boris Lienard – 42 points (20+22)
  3. Robin Heeringa – 42 points (22+20)
  4. Thieu Tausch – 34 points (16+18)
  5. Sytze Hilleger – 28 points (12+16)

Overall results Lelystad – NATIONAL CLASS

  1. Sebastien Jamar – 100 points (50+50)
  2. Florian Geraerts – 77 points (43+34)
  3. Alain de Bie – 75 points (39+36)
  4. Francois Corman – 73 points (30+43)
  5. Mitchell Wintersberger – 72 points (34+39)

All results can be found at

Special thanks to Lena van de Kraats from 333 Fotografie for the photography of this event for SupermotoWorld.

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