Chareyre wins the second round of the Italian championship in Ottobiano

French Supermoto Worldchampion Thomas Chareyre has won the second round of the Ialian Champship yesterday at the racetrack of Ottobiano. On the same venue at the first race for the S2 European championship lots of top riders were present in Ottobiano to prepare themselves for the rest of the 2017 season.

In the time practice it was Chareyre who set the fastest time with 1:30:861 on his penultimate lap but not without a close fight with Degasoline TM rider Pavel Kejmar, who finished in second on 00.170 seconds, and SWM rider Marc-Reiner Schmidt. Edgardo Borella and Elia Sammartin completed the top five.

The two races in Ottobiano where dominated by the French Worldchampion on his Factory TM with two race wins. In race one the gap with second rider Marc-Reiner Schmidt was 12.408 seconds on the finish line. Pavel Kejmar finished in third before Edgardo Borella on his SWM and Andrea Occhini on the L30 Racing Honda. For race two, the top three was a copy of the first race. Again it was Chareyre who took the win, before Schmidt and Kejmar. On place four it was the German Husqvarna guest rider Markus Class before Borella who took fifth place.

With his two wins Thomas Chareyre took the overall victory and showed he is ready for the season and will be again the man to beat. Marc-Reiner Schmidt took over the lead in the Italian Supermoto championship from Teo Monticelli who didn’t participate in this round. The next round will be held on the 30th of April in Pomposa.

2017 Italian Supermoto championship Ottobiano – RACE 1

  1. Thomas Chareyre, TM
  2. Marc-Reiner Schmidt, SWM
  3. Pavel Kejmar, TM
  4. Edgardo Borella, SWM
  5. Andrea Occhini, Honda
  6. Elia Sammartin, Husqvarna
  7. Diego Monticelli, TM
  8. Markus Class, Husqvarna
  9. Fabrizio Bartolini, Honda
  10. Luca d’Addato, Yamaha

2017 Italian Supermoto championship Ottobiano – RACE 2

  1. Thomas Chareyre, TM
  2. Marc-Reiner Schmidt, SWM
  3. Pavel Kejmar, TM
  4. Markus Class, Husqvarna
  5. Edgardo Borella, SWM
  6. Diego Monticelli, TM
  7. Elia Sammartin, Husqvarna
  8. Andrea Occhini, Honda
  9. Max Verderosa, Honda
  10. Luca d’Addato, Yamaha

Overall Results Ottobiano 2017

  1. Thomas Chareyre 50 (25+25)
  2. Marc-Reiner Schmidt 44 (22+22)
  3. Pavel Kejmar 40 (20+20)
  4. Edgardo Borella 34 (18+16)
  5. Markus Class 31 (13+18)

Standings Italian Supermoto championship 2017 after Ottobiano

  1. Marc-Reiner Schmidt – 84 points
  2. Andrea Occhini – 65 points
  3. Edgardo Borella – 65 points
  4. Elia Sammartin – 61 points
  5. Diego Monticelli – 53 points

All results can be found at

Photo: TM Racing Spa / David Messora

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