Chareyre and Vorlicek win second S1GP and S2 at Albaida

Albaida (Spain) 1 May 2016 – After the cancellation yesterday, this morning was an early start for the riders with the S2 and S1GP timed practices and the Superchrono in Albaida on the raceday. In very sunny and warm conditions it was Thomas Chareyre who was the fastest in the official time practice in the S1GP class. Also in the Superchrono Chareyre showed he had good pace and set the best lap time of all six riders in lap 7 with only 00.157 seconds advantage on Höllacher and Kejmar. In S2 it was Suzuki Grau rider Petr Vorlicek who set the fastest time before fellow countryman Sitniansky and Promutico. In Lap 3 TM Factory rider Diego Monticelli had a crash in time practice and dislocated his shoulder which ended his weekend.



When the light dropped for the first race it was current championship leader who took the holeshot and dived into the first corner followed by Lukas Höllbacher, Pavel Kejmar and Marc-Reiner Schmidt. From the start of the race Chareyre showed very good speed and was able to get more and more advantage on Höllbacher and Kejmar who were having a close battle for 2nd place. On 10 seconds behind the top 3 Marc-Reiner Schmidt and Spanish home rider David Gimenez were fighting for every meter of asphalt, but Schmidt was able to keep 4th place before Gimenez. Spanish rider Israel Escalar was having a very good start but he made some mistakes in lap 10 making it possible for Lionel deRidder and Gerard Bailo to pass him. Up front Charyere had a comfortable advantage on Höllbacher of 3 seconds. The Austrian rider on his turn was chased by Kejmar for second, but Höllbacher wasn’t making any mistakes a kept the speed up. After 19 laps the TM Factory rider Chareyre  passed the finish line in 1st with Höllbacher in 2nd and Kejmar in 3rd position. Marc-Reiner Schmidt was able the keep Gimenez behind his TM and passed the line in fourth. Gimenez finished in 5th for his home crowd followed by Lionel deRidder who finished his first S1GP race in 5th.



Under very warm and sunny conditions the second S1GP race started in the afternoon in Albaida. This time it was the Austrian Husqvarna rider Lukas Höllbacher who took the holeshot in front of Marc-Reiner Schmidt, Thomas Chareyre and David Gimenez. Soon in the race Höllbacher, Schmidt and Chareyre were pulling away from the rest of the field. The only rider who could follow the very fast top 3 was Gimenez who had to put all he had to keep up the pace. Pavel Kejmar who finished 3rd in the 1st race had a bad start and started the race from 7th place just behind Israel, Escalara and fellow team rider Lionel deRidder. In lap 3 Kejmar was able to pass them and moved to 5th place behind Gimenez. In lap 11 Gimenez made a mistake in the off-road section and Kejmar moved another place into 4th. Lionel deRidder was able to pass Escalara as well but the Spanish rider didn’t give up and took over 6th place again from deRidder. In front the battle for the lead was getting more and more intense with 3 riders under 1 second all the time. Lap after lap Schmidt and Chareyre were trying to take over the lead from Höllbacher but the Austrian rider didn’t make any mistakes and kept his speed very high. In lap 18 Marc-Reiner Schmidt made a move to the lead in the back straight and tried to pass Höllbacher. Schmidt ran a little wide while trying to outbreak Höllbacher. The 2 riders touched each other and Höllbacher crashed. He was able too quickly pick up his bike and resumed the race. Because of the crash Schmidt had to go wider out of the corner which made it possible for Chareyre to take over the lead with only 2 laps to go. The French world championship leader  didn’t make any mistake while he was chased by Schmidt and finished in 1st, before Schmidt. Höllbacher was trying to close to gap to the 2 riders in front but his time ran out making him 3rd in the second race. Kejmar finished 4th before Gimenez and Escalera. The overall win in Albaida was again for Thomas Chareyre with Lukas Höllbacher in 2nd. Marc-Reiner Schmidt completed the podium in 3rd.

GP Classification S1GP

  1. Thomas Chareyre (25+25)
  2. Lukas Höllbacher (22+20)
  3. Marc-Reiner Schmidt (18+22)
  4. Pavel Kejmar (20+18)
  5. David Gimenez (16+16)
  6. Israel Escalera (14+15)
  7. Lionel deRidder (15+14)
  8. Gerard Bailo (13+13)
  9. Asseri Kingelin (12+12)
  10. Jose Hernandez (11+11)






















All weekend Suzuki Grau rider Petr Vorlicek showed his was the fastest rider on the track in Albaida. Also in Race 1 he took the holeshot before fellow countryman Milan Sitniansky and the rest of the field. Inside Motorsports Yamaha rider John Stambeck had a very good start following Sitniaksy closely on 3rd place but during the race he was losing some places. Giovanni Bussei started as 4th in the race, but the Italian TM rider was faster and faster every lap. In lap 5 has took over Stambeck and was chasing Sitniansky for 2nd place. Lap by lap Bussei was getting closer to Sitniansky and with 2 laps to go he also passed the Czech rider. In the meantime Stambeck was passed by KTM MTR rider Romain Kaivers who showed good pace in his second S2 race. Spanish TM Factory rider Joan Llados started as 8th behind Kevin Fagre and Lorenzo Promutico. In lap 6 he was closing on the riders in front of him passing first Fagre and a few laps later Promutico. In the last lap he took over 4th position from Kaivers. Fagre in his turn passed fellow team rider Stambeck and Promutico making him 6th in the race. In the lead Vorlicek wasn’t making any mistakes and raced straight to 1st place followed by Bussei and Sitniansky



Under clear blue skies to second race started and again it was Vorlicek who took the holeshot before Sitniansky, Promutico and Bussei. This time Bussei had a good start and passed Promutico in the 1st lap. In the lead Vorlicek was setting fast lap times again and Bussei knew that he had to pass Sitniansky in the next few laps. In lap 5 he passed the Czech rider in the off-road section and moved to 2nd place behind leader Vorlicek. Tuning Motorsport rider Sitniansky couldn’t follow the pace of the two riders in front and had the settle for a place behind them. In the meantime Gazza Racing rider Promutico was in 4th position followed by the 2 Inside Motorsports riders Stambeck and Fagre who both were able to pass Kaivers in lap 5. In lap 6 it was Fagre who passed his teammate Stambeck for 5th position. Both riders were able to close the gap on Promutico but didn’t have time enough to pass him before the end of the race. In 1st place it was still Vorlicek followed by Bussei who set the fastest laptime in the race but this wasn’t enough to come any closer and pass Vorlicek. The S2 leader finished in 1st followed by Bussei on his TM. After 10 second it was Sitniansky who became 3th before Promutico, Fagre and Stambeck. Romain Kaivers finished in 7th just behind Stambeck. The overall win in the S2 was again for Petr Vorlicek who extended his lead in the championship. Giovanni Bussei was overall 2nd and Milan Sitniansky completed the podium of the S2 class in Albaida.

GP Classification S2

  1. Petr Vorlicek (25+25)
  2. Giovanni Bussei (22+22)
  3. Milan Sitniansky (20+20)
  4. Lorenzo Promutico (13+18)
  5. Kevin Fagre (15+16)
  6. Romain Kaivers (16+14)
  7. John Stambeck (14+15)
  8. Joan Llados (18+11)
  9. Emerick Guillois (11+13)
  10. Luca Ciaglia (8+12)

Photography Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics

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