Chareyre and Monticelli on pole position in Melk Austria

Melk (Austria) 10 September 2016 – At the fast race circuit of the Wachauring in Melk the fifth and penultimate round of the S1GP and S2 Championship is held this weekend. Under clear blue skies and warm conditions the spectators came already to the circuit to enjoy the free practices and qualification sessions from the terraces. In the S1GP it was for the fifth time this season TM Racing rider and World champion Thomas Chareyre who took the pole position after missing out the free practice sessions. In S2 it was Italian TM Racing rider Diego Monticelli who set the fastest time, like he did in the last Grand Prix in Poland.


In the first free practice of the day, it was the winner of the GP in Poland, Degasoline TM rider Marc-Reiner Schmidt who set the fastest time (1:19:398) in his sixth lap on the fast track. Home rider Lukas Hӧllbacher (Husqvarna Hӧllbacher racing) was second fastest with a difference of 00:402 seconds behind Schmidt. The third time was for KTM MTR rider Pavel Kejmar. Leader in the standings of the World championship TM Racing rider Thomas Chareyre didn’t start in the first practice as he was feeling sick and not fit enough to ride. The second free practice in the S1GP class showed exactly the same top three as in free practice number one, with Schmidt as fastest rider followed by Hӧllbacher and Kejmar. The difference with the other riders was smaller than in the morning session, so Schmidt will have to push hard to take the pole in the Superchrono. Wildcard rider Andy Buschberger showed some impressive speed and finished this practice in fourth. Chareyre was still absent to recover some strength and save some energy for the time practice. In the time practice the French TM rider was fit enough to ride some laps so that he could compete in the races on Sunday. After a few warmup laps, he put down the throttle for one fast lap around the Wachauring and he managed to set the fastest time of the day (1:18:778). Schmidt, Kejmar and Hӧllbacher tried to close the gap with Chareyre, but soon realized this had to done in the Superchrono. In the Superchrono two riders started a battle for first place. Lap after lap Thomas Chareyre and Marc-Reiner Schmidt were faster and faster, changing positions almost each lap. When the Superchrono was finished it was TM Racing rider Thomas Chareyre who took the pole position before Marc-Reiner Schlukas midt. At the end the gap between the riders was 00:343 seconds. Husqvarna Hollbacher Racing rider Lukas Hӧllbacher tried everything he could but had to settle for third completing the first start row in Melk. Second start row is for KTM MTR rider Pavel Kejmar and wildcard riders Andy Buschberger and Manuel Stehrer.


Monticelli Melk



After an unfortunate race in Poland, TM Racing rider Diego Monticelli showed good speed in the first free practice, setting the fastest time (1:20:599) in lap 11. The gap to the second fastest rider TMS Honda rider Milan Sitniansky was only 00:097 of a second so nothing is said for the rest of the weekend. TM rider Giovanni Bussei set the third time and was not far away from the fastest riders. Championship leader Suzuki Grau rider Petr Vorlicek completed the top four.

Also in the S2 class the top five for the second free practice was the same as in the first practice. TM Racing rider Diego Monticelli was able to take a half second of his best time setting the fastest time to 1:20:089. With this lap time he created some more distance to the rest of the top three, but nothing is settled yet. Vorlicek finished again in fourth followed by KTM MTR rider Romain Kaivers. In the afternoon it was time for the official time practice. TM Racing rider Diego Monticelli was the favourite as he was fastest in all sessions on Saturday. This time the competition came from TM rider Giovanni Bussei who pushing hard as set one fast lap after the other, but at the end of the session it was again Monticelli who set the fastest time. In lap 13 he managed to put a 1:19:495 on the clock, only 00:088 seconds faster than Bussei who took second place in the time practice. TMS Honda rider Milan Sitniansky had to settle for third, followed by Suzuki Grau rider Petr Vorlicek who will start from fourth place. TM Racing rider Joan Llados completed the top five.


All results can be found at SupermotoS1GP – Results

Photos: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics

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