Changes in the 2018 S1 Supermoto European Championship

Turin (Italy)  14 November 2017 – Following meetings between FIM Europe and BPROM Promoter, FIM Europe have decided to make changes to the rules that will be applied for 2018 to encourage the participation of the greatest possible number of riders and teams.

Here below the main decisions:

-The 2018 season will start with a change in the name of the Championship, which will be S1 Supermoto European Championship.

-In the next season (2018) a new Trophy will be introduced, within the S1 classification, which will be eligible for new or not so experienced Supermoto riders. The name will be “Supermoto European Lites Trophy” and which will attract a good number of new riders for the European scene.

-A major change in the starting procedure which will make the rules easier and more understandable for riders and teams.

-The provisional calendar (that will be published soon) foresees six events for the S1 Championship, four events for the S4 (the all asphalt class) and five events for the SM Junior and S3 Championships.


In the photo: the S1 new logo

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