Austrian Supermoto calendar 2016

Supermoto Austria has announced the calendar of the 2016 Austrian Supermoto championship. The championship will have 5 races this year with the big final at the WachauRing in Melk on the 11th of September. With very strong riders in all classes the championship is one of the best in Europe.

Supermoto Championship of Austria 2016

  1. Sunday 01-05-2016  PS Racing Center, Greinbach (Stmk)
  2. Sunday 05-06-2016  Red Bull, Spielberg (Stmk)
  3. Saturday 25-06-2016  Heimberg (Vienna, NÖ)
  4. Sunday 21-08-2016  Austria Racing Park, NÖ)
  5. Sunday 11-09-2016  ÖAMTC Wachuaring, Melk (NÖ)

More information can be found at

Photo: Gerwin van Rosmalen / SupermotoPics

Supermoto ÖM Termine 2016



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