Another win for Chris Hodgson at Rowrah

On the renewed track of Rowrah Raceway in the region of Cumbria round three was held of the 2016 British Supermoto championship. Again it was the championship leader Chris Hodgson who was fastest rider during the weekend with 3 race wins on Saturday, under sunny and warm conditions, and 3 race wins on Sunday in very wet and tricky conditions in the Michelin Premier and Elite Cup. On Saturday it was Matt Winstanley who took overall second place before Dale O’Connor. Sunday it was again Matt Winstanley in second but this time followed by Richard Blakeman in third.

Results Michelin Premier Cup – Saturday 30 april 2016

  1. Chris Hodgson (35+35+35)
  2. Matt Winstanley (32+32+32)
  3. Dale O’Connor (25+30+30)
  4. Richard Blakeman (30+26+26)
  5. Jordan Bannon (28+25+25)

Results Michelin Elite Cup – Sunday 1 May 2016

  1. Chris Hodgson (35+35+35)
  2. Matt Winstanley (32+30+32)
  3. Richard Blakeman (30+32+30)
  4. Jamie Duncan (28+28+26)
  5. Oliver Pope (26+25+28)

All results of round 3 can be found on Norasport R3 Rowrah results



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