Andre Plogmann wins the BeNeCup Supermoto race in Enter (NL)

Last weekend the fourth round of the 2018 BeNeCup Supermoto championship was held at the road-circuit “De Krompatte” in Enter, The Netherlands. In the fast Inters/Prestige class it was wildcard rider Andre Plogmann who took the victory on his Suzuki before Kevin Vieillevoye and Devon Vermeulen. In the Euro class the victory went to Sebastien Jamar and in the National class, Dirk Werkman was the overall winner.

In the perfect prepared track on the industry zone of Enter all riders started the day with the time practices. In the Inters class, German Suzuki rider Andre Plogmann set the fastest time of 1:08:078, almost 00:800 seconds faster than second rider Devon Vermeulen. English KTM rider Oliver Pope set the third time.

At the start of the first race it was Plogmann who took the holeshot before Vieillevoye, Vermeulen and Pope. Straight from the start Plogmann kept the speed high and finished in first position after 20 minutes. The battle for second place was more intense. Vieillevoye, Vermeulen and Oliver Pope were close to each other. In lap four Kevin Vieillevoye made an mistake and dropped back to fourth place, leaving the battle for second between Devon Vermeulen en Oliver Pope. Lap after lap the two riders challenged each other and Pope tried a few times to pass Vermeulen, but the Dutchman kept the door closed and finished in second place behind Plogmann. Oliver Pope finished in fourth in front of Kevin Vieillevoye. The top five was completed by another Dutch rider Wouter Straver. The holeshot for race two was for Devon Vermeulen in front Oliver Pope and Kevin Vieillevoye. Wouter Straver was in fifth position. Vermeulen and Pope were fighting for every meter of asphalt in the beginning of the race but both riders clashed which gave Andre Plogmann the chance to pass both riders and to take first position in the second race which he didn’t gave up anymore until the finish line. Vermeulen was still in second position but Pope made a mistake again and damaged his brakesystem. After a short visit to the pitlane he continued but the English was thrown back in the field. In third place it was Kevin Vieillevoye. The Belgium champion was getting faster and faster he managed to overtake Vermeulen for seond place in the race. Also Wouter Straver had s strong race and after a mistake from Vermeulen, the young rider from SMX Racing passed Vermeulen en took over third place. The top four didn’t change anymore until the finish. English rider Dean Hillier completed the top five in race two. With his two wins, Andre Plogmann took the overall victory.

In the Euro class it was Belgium rider Sebastien Jamar who took the overall win with two race wins before Francois Corman and Robin Heeringa. The National class was won by Dirk Werkman with two wins in front of David Detaille. The podium in the National class was completed by Antoine Renard.

The superfinal at the end of the raceday was won by Kevin Vieillevoye, followed by Andre Plogmann and Oliver Pope.

The next race of the BeNeCup Supermoto will be held in the weekend of 30 june and 1 July in Bilstain, Belgium

1. Andre Plogmann
2. Kevin Vieillevoye
3. Devon Vermeulen

1. Sebastien Jamar
2. Francois Corman
3. Robin Heeringa

1. Dirk Werkman
2. David Detaille
3. Antoine Renard

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Photo: 333Fotografie / Lena van der Kraats



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