AMA McAllister takes the double, McLean Gets His First

Gage McAllister takes the AMA Supermoto Pro Open double at the Grand Prix of Trois-Riviéres, while Australian Josh McLean scores his first AMA National win in the Pro Lites class.

TROIS-RIVIERES, CANADA (August 8, 2016) – Defending AMA Supermoto Pro Open Champion Gage McAllister swept another weekend of racing in round four of the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, and round two of the FIM North America Championship sanctioned by CMA at the Grand Prix Trois-Riviéres in Quebec, Canada. And there was no better place to do so for the RSR KTM rider than on the world stage alongside the FIA World Rally Cross Championship.

“I think this venue is perfect, honestly,” McAllister said. “The fact that we can almost ride on the exact same track (as the World Rally Cross Championship) – with a little bit of difference in the dirt, obviously – I think that’s huge, just kind of getting in with these guys.”

It was also a great way for McAllister to make up for a disastrous Pro Brawl – the non-points paying race on Saturday – that saw the champ sidelined with a flat tire after a crash early on with fellow Californian Tyler O’Hara on the O’Hara/Intents Racing/Motul entry.

“Yesterday it would have been to have had some fun up front with those guys for that race, but stuff happens like that in racing,” McAllister said. “You can’t win all of them. So I’m stoked to have today work out the way I wanted it to.”

O’Hara led straight away in the first main, but McAllister chased him down and started to put a decent gap on the field. But the race was shortened after two red flags, the second of which was a result of a crash involving AMA Pro Flat Track racer Johnny Lewis and Australian Josh McLean. Fortunately Lewis’ injuries were not too severe, but the Fat Boy Racing/Lifeproof/WP USA rider forfeited his second-place position because he was unable to restart after drawing the red flag.

O’Hara was then promoted to second place, followed by Six-Four Motorsports’ Shane Narbonne. Rounding out the top five were Lean Six Sigma Racing’s McLean and RSR KTM’s Eric Stump.

McAllister came back even stronger in the second main, leading from start to finish. His teammate Dustin Hoffman kept him honest, howeverm, and the winner of Saturday’s Pro Brawl was right on McAllister’s heels the entire way.

“That second race went by a lot quicker than I anticipated,” McAllister said. “My game plan was to try to conserve some energy and play race push just if I needed to. It definitely messed with me a little bit I think, but other than that two wins on the weekend. Couldn’t get much better other than yesterday’s little incident, but that’s racing.”

AMA Trois Revieres2

Narbonne joined the RSR KTM duo on the podium to take home a pair of third-place finishes. O’Hara crossed the line fourth ahead of McLean.

In addition to a pair of top-five finishes in the Pro Open class, McLean dominated the Pro Lites class to take his first ever AMA National win. Pulling double duty in both Pro classes was especially taxing at Trois-Riviéres as the three mains were run with no breaks in between. In the end McLean was rewarded for his efforts – a trophy to bring home to Australia.

“The 250 was really good,” McLean said. “I qualified first and got lucky with a good start. Just pulled away and kept riding how I normally ride. So it was really good. A bit sore though from the 450 moto-one crash, but it’s okay.”

Behind McLean, the battle for second came down to the wire between Fat Boy Racing’s Dallas Daniels and Tri-County Powersports Husqvarna’s Nicky Reimer. Defending Pro Lites Champion Reimer made his move on the young track racer, but Daniels was able to retake the position and cross the line second. Rounding out the top five were McLean’s teammate Josh Jackson and Welsh Racing/Damn Dummy Racing’s Cameron Welsh.

Saturday’s National Amateur race saw an all-Canadian podium with Stephane Dupont taking top honors, followed by fellow Dominic Beauchesne and Gabriel Beaulac.

2016 Grand Prix Trois-Riviéres AMA Supermoto Results:
Pro Open Main One: 1. Gage McAllister; 2. Tyler O’Hara; 3. Shane Narbonne; 4. Josh McLean; 5. Eric Stump; 6. Jake Laforge; 7. Dustin Hoffman; 8. Maxine Sylveslie; 9. Tommy Lemieux; 10. Paul Jutras Rouillard.

Pro Open Main Two: 1. Gage McAllister; 2. Dustin Hoffman; 3. Shane Narbonne; 4. Tyler O’Hara; 5. Josh McLean; 6. Maxine Sylveslie; 7. Eric Stump; 8. Jake Laforge; 9. Paul Jutras Rouillard; 10. Tommy Lemieux.

Pro Lites: 1: Josh McLean; 2. Dallas Daniels; 3. Nicky Reimer; 4. Josh Jackson; 5. Cameron Welsh; 6. Brady Tausan; 7. Katrina Wilson; 8. Peter Oliver; 9. Robert Wiggins; 10. Ryan Sweeney.

National Amateur: 1. Stephane Dupont; 2. Dominic Beauchesne; 3. Gabriel Beaulac; 4. David Bertrand; 5. Charles Paradis; 6. Fred Duchesneau; 7. Lee Scmidt; 8. Samuel Desmarais; 9. Joe Agley; 10. Vincent Campbell.


Text: AMA Supermoto

Photo: AMA Supermoto

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